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Squalor Housing for the 99.9% - "Micro-Apartments"

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This is a must read report on Third Way Squalor Policy that is very much upon and among us -- especially in cities (where I suppose impoverished suburban poors will have to flock eventually.)

"Micro-Units" are the newest fad in late-stage Kleptocratic social engineering and urban planning to deal with the excess people -- citizens at the losing end of the Austerity Stick. Lead member of the Kleptocracy Elite, Michael Bloomberg, is of course a huge fan. He sold prime real estate to a private developer for $500K (a song) (x) and NYC is getting its first building of "micro units" -- 250 square feet with Murphy bed (some have shared kitchens). Oh, and Bloobmerg is unilaterally "waving" the NYC requirement that living spaces be a minimum of 400 square feet (a requirement presumably having something to do with decency). Price for moderate-income subsidized units = $950 per month. (*) Mr. Bloomberg declares that these will be very good places for people in their 70s and 80s to live in.

Other pilots have sprung quietly across the U.S.

Of course, the flip-side of Planned Squalor for the 99.9% is massive new rent streams for the few, lucky, cronies who get to "buy" land from municipalities and states. (**)

(x) Lest any humane laws or regulations get in the way of rent-stream creation
(*) Similar "affordability" standard as ObamaCare Insurance Products
(**) Probably - considering inflation - what the Indians were paid for pieces of Manhattan by Peter Stuyvesant.