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Spray-on solar panels?!

Neato! Can't wait. Because the window count on this old house is....

35? Can that be right?

NOTE Scientific American makes an interesting point:

We are quite capable of designing buildings and lives in a sustainable way powered by the sun, and much of the basic technology goes back millennia. Yet historically it has taken a crisis of energy supply or ecological devastation to encourage widespread use of solar energy. After they had burned all there accessible forests, ancient Romans developed the heliocaminus, or "sun furnace," a south-facing room that heated their homes in winter. Similarly, once the British had eliminated their woodlands during the late Middle Ages, they also discovered the joys of solar heating. Access to the sun became a fundamental right in Britain for any building, eventually codified in the Law of Ancient Lights. Today, the impetus comes from global climate disruption and the peaking of per-capita fossil energy supplies.

Cf. Ecc 1:9.

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Back in the days when he was a house painter, that there is a paint that collects solar power to run your house. It requires wires and is like $300/gal, but it is out there.

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applied on existing in-place windows or would it have to be applied in a factory, thus requiring all new windows. Which would mean possibly higher initial costs?

Yes, it sounded like a dream come true.

But, if Dear DINO prez wanted to begin combating global warming and energy costs for the little people, he would have a massive program of setting up solar panels on every available roof space, with extremely generous terms for those with low and middle incomes. He could, right now, achieve two goals by having a nationwide program of painting blacktop roofs white to both save one energy costs and create...get this, Obama, jobs, jobs, JOBS!

But, noooooo -- tax cuts for small businesses which may or may not create some point in the future. That's DINO Prez's approach.