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Spot the Flexian: Bernanke parachutes into Brookings

Princeton -> the Fed -> Brookings. Nice work if you can get it. Businessweek:

Ben Bernanke used to run the world’s most powerful central bank. David Wessel used to cover him as a reporter. In a role reversal that’s weirdly Washingtonian, Bernanke will now be a “distinguished fellow in residence” at a Brookings Institution center directed by Wessel. ...

The center Wessel directs is called the Hutchins Center on Fiscal & Monetary Policy. According to its website, it “provides independent, non-partisan analysis of fiscal and monetary policy issues in order to further public understanding and to improve the quality and effectiveness of those policies.” Its advisory committee is co-chaired by Democrat Lawrence Summers and Republican Gregory Mankiw, both Harvard University economists. It was launched in December with a $10 million starter gift from the Hutchins Family Foundation. Glenn Hutchins is co-founder of Silver Lake, a global technology investment company. ....

The lightning-quick naming of Bernanke raises the question of how long ago negotiations with Brookings began. Wessel, whose appointment as director was part of the announcement of the center’s formation on Dec. 4, has a well-known and long-standing relationship with Bernanke. He wrote a 2009 history of the financial crisis called In Fed We Trust: Ben Bernanke’s War on the Great Panic. As the title suggests, it was one of the more positive appraisals of Bernanke’s performance.

One big happy!

Actually, however, this isn't "weirdly Washingtonian." For shapeshifting and roleplaying Flexians, these "reversals" are business as usual.

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