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Spies Get the Chicks

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By now you've heard about NYC coppers spying on Meetups and Quakers, and I have to say, I'm sort of confounded. Hello- the vast majority of liberal activist groups not only meet openly, publically, but they put up their goals on live, constantly updated websites. We're trying to grow this movement, and have said so. So I wonder, all those trips, what were they really all about?

The chicks. It had to be for the chicks*. Because I can't think of a better reason why our policing agencies would avoid the hard, manly duties of catching actual criminals who are actually trying to hide their activities from public view. Liberal chicks are loose and easy, and they do kinky things that Good Girls won't, right? Well, I'm glad our boys in blue will be happy and well-serviced when an actual terrorist blows up an actual bomb that was part of an actually secret plan to actually do some harm.

...and I wonder if any of them "converted" after going to some of the peacenik meetups.

That would be a story- hey agents reading this: if your heart has changed, email me (I know you have it already) and I'll publish it. Look at how nice I was to the MSM journalist dude. I'll be equally nice to you, and ladies- you know I love to play dress up. I make a very naughty convict.

*you may insert the term "boi" for chick, as I recognize that for some of these guys, "pretending" to hang out with the radical gay groups was also probably an underwear exploration investigation. Shiny boots and moustaches, cops and leather daddies alike. For a reason.

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Submitted by Jakebnto on

"I make a very naughty convict" indeed.

That's just NOT playing fair.


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Submitted by chicago dyke on

for the cause. and if that means getting on my knees and pleasing some butch, uniformed momma until the republicanism melts away from her in earth shattering waves of pleasure, i will.

i'm dedicated like that.