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Speaking of "Unfortunate Images"

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As discussed below, and especially considering Lambert's comment here regarding "hooked noses".

How about this recent one from Switzerland?

From Macro-Man (Feb. 4th):

"But this weekend, the Swiss are voting on a proposed "economic freedom of movement" treaty with the EU. A certain cohort in Switzerland opposes allowing workers from some new "undesirable" EU countries into Der Schwiez. The imagery used in their campaign is truly scary, as to Macro Man's eye it is not dissimilar to that used in early 30's Germany"

The Swiss voted yes, rejecting xenophobia.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I don't see crows being associated with any particular ethnic group in Europe.

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Submitted by herb the verb on

Obviously one group does, or else they wouldn't have used it as their logo to vote no on the proposal allowing Rumainians, Poles, Turks, and other EU countries residents free movement into Switzerland.

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Submitted by Damon on

I agree that it does matter how that group sees things, but I'm not exactly sure that DCBlogger was trying to refute that the cartoon is xenophobic, rather, perhaps, that the use of the crow isn't as obvious as some might think. However, the fact that they are menacing black birds, alone, shows the xenophobic bent.

I've been hearing a lot about Switzerland in terms of xenophobia and racism in the past few years. It's been quite disturbing to hear about it all. Austria is another place where there's a growing cloud of xenophobic tendancies, recently.