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Speaking of "progressives" and gas lines....

Their outrage at this incident seems just a leetle selective to me. Where were they for this one?

The California Nurses Association/National Nurses Association today condemned the Service Employees International Union for targeting CNA/NNOC leaders and members with threats and intimidation, stalking them at home and in patient care units at hospitals.

In a statement today, CNA/NNOC—the nation’s largest RN union-- demanded SEIU International President Andrew Stern "immediately renounce the actions of SEIU staff and cease and desist these despicable attacks against anyone who speaks out against his pro-corporate agenda."

"SEIU's behavior, sending swarms of staff to threaten women in their homes, is especially disgraceful, and another illustration of their contempt for a predominantly female profession that they treat as chattel in so much of their activity, including trying to force RNs into his union," said CNA/NNOC Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro.

Roving bands of SEIU staff, four or five at a time, arrived on the doorsteps of at least two CNA/NNOC female Board members in Southern California Thursday, with video cameras to film their abusive exploits.

Then again, maybe I'm being unreasonable. After all:

1. These are just women being threatened, and so what?

2. It's SEIU doing the threatening, and SEIU is a major funder of career "progressives," and they're way more important than nurses!

So there you are.

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sersiously, sue the SEIU on conspiracy to violate NNOC civil rights, bring rackacterring charges against the. The SEIU is not judgment proof.