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Spammer alert

We seem to have a new kind of spammer. Their technique is to actually engage in comments, and then to include links in the comments to products in the form of tiny URLS (like

So, they appear human and not like SEO weasels or spammers.

Bottom line is please flag any comment with a tinyURL because it's probably spam, and tinyURLs are evil anyhow.

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Submitted by a little night ... on

But seriously - these spammers are bothering to get through the Turing Test? Wow.

And I resist clicking on links that don't reveal the URL I will end up at when I hit them with my cursor - even when they're just redirects. Sometimes they just take too fracking long to resolve, even if it's something I might be interested in if I could stand the wait.

Heck, I'm even resisting links to Pravda, Izvestia, and the WSJ, not to mention HuffPo, because their damn pages take so long to load.

But tinyurls are the worst, no doubt.

Submitted by lambert on

Yeah, I was amazed. That's serious commitment, to create an artificial persona to embed a few random links on a blog that everybody hates and nobody reads! Desperate people...

Submitted by Elliott Lake on

behind compressed urls......lemme look. (and tiny url has that preview option)

long url please is a firefox addition; long url mobile expander does it with mouseover.. tiny decoder is another. But I don't find any that work on the blog side of the there will be some soon.

Submitted by lambert on

I don't want them in Corrente content. I don't want readers to have to use a tool to expose what should never have been concealed in the first place (sounds sort of like FinReg, eh?)