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Souter to retire?

It seems he hasn't hired any law clerks for the coming term.

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... but I can't believe Rendell would think for a minute that Obama would put his (Rendell's) wife on the Supreme Court. I mean, she's not from Illinois, right?

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…Biden stepped in and persuaded him to change over to Dem, promising support from the Party. Rendell, essentially out of favor with the Obama administration agreed to supply the support but on one condition: that Obama consider his wife, a sitting federal judge from PA, for the next SC opening. Obama agreed to this.

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...and who the source says the original source is, etc. [For those who choose not to click on the link, a commenter at the site says the story was "offered by Chris Matthews who has the inside scoop based on his Repub brother in PA"]

[I wish I could go back and edit my original comment to put in various tags, but that does not seem possible. Once Sarah replied to it, the "edit" link vanished.]

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BTW, if even the source has gotten it right, what is Obama's word worth? I haven't found him to be particularly trustworthy. To then trust something we've heard that's at least three or four degrees seperated from this supposed promise is even sillier. I don't care if the second degree of seperation was to Mother Theresa, it's still too many degrees of seperation to put any stock in it.

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that I can't go back and edit the comment at all now. The edit link is gone ever since you replied to it.

That's what I don't know how to do.

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to let you know what it needs now... in the meantime try clearing cache and cookies and restarting browser, as when I did that the "edit" tag reappeared on my copy of your post.