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SOTU wrap-up: "It's not the thing you fling, but the fling itself."

It's been awhile since I posted this; but now is the time.

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"It's not the thing you fling, but the fling itself."

And so last night, when Barack Obama stood before his country and accepted the nomination for President, I cried.  I can only imagine what I will do when he wins.

Did not know there was an Obamablob of that name.
(Obama makes me cry too.)

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Don't be so harsh since the Obama post was written when so many of us were Obamablobs or near blobs .... post Edwards I wanted to believe in Obama and we were all PTSD'd from two terms of Bush. I looked at recent entries and mention of Dr. Oz and Oprah in the linked blogspot. Maybe still in denial about Barack, maybe not, I couldn't find and stopped. I don't blame HER for his lying evil. Well, I do for the denial, like I do so many in America. But I blame Obama. The speech confirms he is the inside man totally for oligarchy. And lemmings still rationalizing he has leadership skills. The tv and Obama fog machine is on full force and is obscene.

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I think of the Civil Rights stuff as good will on the D balance sheet, which Obama pissed away. The sad, the tragic fact, was that good will was reality based and had real value. No more.