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SOTU: What Glen Ford said


On the eve of President Obama’s State of the Union address, Cynthia Gordy, writer for the Blogging the Beltway column in, asked the question: “Will Obama talk about black unemployment?” Of course, Gordy already knew the answer – “Hell no!” – but proceeded to discuss the horrific state of Black jobless America with someone who actually cared, Christian Weller, from the Center for American Progress. Ms. Gordy ended the piece on a plaintive note. “Here’s hoping Obama will at least have a more elaborate plan to truly lift up all communities,” she wrote. What a strange and deeply sad relationship exists between many Black Americans and the brown-skinned corporate politician in the White House. After two years, there is no longer any expectation of reciprocity, only a muted hope and prayer that Obama would behave decently.

Ya know what I think? This Ford guy, whoever he is -- I think he's a racist. What other explanation could there be? He's placing himself in opposition to Our Beloved Leader!

He didn’t. In announcing a five-year freeze on domestic spending, Obama enters a new phase of aggressive – rather than furtive – collaboration with the GOP. To ensure that catastrophe cannot be avoided for the tens of millions battered and set adrift by the two (lesser and greater) recessions of the 21st century, Obama will join with Republicans to prevent the domestic arms of government from coming to the people’s aid, by freezing finances. With whole communities in a state of economic dislocation, Obama burns the rescue boats and poisons the water, all the while promising that the necessary budgetary savings will not be achieved “on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens” – as if Wall Street’s bankers will shield the helpless with their well-bonused bodies.

The SOTU: Another classic Versailles double-down on FAIL. Meaning, of course, a FAIL for you, assuming you're still under any illusion that the government exists for public purpose -- "promote the general welfare" (Constitution, preamble). For the people who matter, who loot your pension, who steal your house, who send your job overseas, who would rather you, as a "human resources," die early rather than get health care, and who collect the bonuses, fly over the whole hell-hole in their private jets, and then take a limo to their gated communities, and then want you to be grateful, there is no FAIL at all.

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Submitted by Randall Kohn on

Funny, how Obama seems so much more in his element in the wake of the November defeat than when Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress. Half of Obama’s Blue Dog friends have been replaced by Republicans, but the president seems even happier among the new guys, as if he’s finally within reach of the grand, “bi-partisan consensus” that is the ideal state of being in a post-everything America

Of course, as a Republican himself, he would seem happier.