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SOTU: Obama's Austerian wet dream

Official: Obama to call for 5-year spending freeze:

A White House official says President Barack Obama will call for a five-year freeze in non-security, discretionary spending during his State of the Union address.

First, that's exactly what the American people don't want.

Worse, I read it -- experts correct me -- Obama just abandoned fiscal policy as a means of stimulating aggregate demand.

The reason we get conservative policies from Obama is that -- all together now -- Obama's a conservative.

Plus, Obama's not just a conservative, he's an asshole. 10% nominal (20% real) DISemployment, and no discretionary programs to help with it? With the "competiveness" tax breaks a reacharound to the Bigs, so they can send more jobs overseas like Jeffrey Immelt?

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Submitted by DCblogger on

If Obama is unpopular with 9.6% official unemployment, imagine what he will be with 20% official unemployment. maybe Scary Sarah will be elected.

Submitted by lefttown on

even looks beyond the glitter of Washington and his own feelings of grandeur.
I'm getting a feeling of unrest on the left and right side of the spectrum. I think what's happening in Tuninsia and now Egypt are not going to be isolated incidents and may even reach our shores. People are organizing another protest at Quantico, and I think more and more people will join protests there and in anti-war protests coming up. IMO, things are going to erupt as the weeks go by, and Obama and his oh-so-smart advisors are going to be caught with their pants down.
Let him call for a freeze on everything except killing civilians and freedom fighters: his thin Democrat veneer is going to be ripped off, and he's going to be exposed as the phony he is. He's lousy at unrehearsed dialogue, and that's what a leader will need in the upcoming days and weeks and months.

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

And I need a good one. Yes, Kevin Baker called this in his Harper's piece "Barack Hoover Obama". At least Hoover was honest. He ran as who he was, a Republican.

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Submitted by madamab on

Lambert is a big fan of it too, IIRC. You just have to wade through all the claptrap about Obama's superiority to everyone and everything else on the planet.

BTW - if you want to laugh again, you should check out the SOTU funny I just posted on Hipparchia's thread. It's not from me, it's from my hubby, but I think you'll like it. :-D

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Submitted by jeer9 on

I know Austerian is the new hot descriptive for this economic agenda, but I wish we could come up with another one. I keep thinking Paul Auster, and a wet dream of his might not be so bad.

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Submitted by Brian.Nelson on

Obama is neither a conservative nor a liberal. He is neither democrat nor a hidden republican. He is nothing more than a puppet who is doing what he is told. He got his head all big and everything during the election because of his own perceived popularity around the world. Maybe now he is realizing that winning a presidential election is not winning the super bowl nor a popularity contest.

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