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SOTU: Obama thinks corporations are people

No surprise, since that's what Versailles thinks (see Exhibit A -- love the name! -- Citizens United). Anyhow, this little nuance seems to have been missed in all the rest of the post-gaming analysis, so here it is. Obama:

"I am not interested in punishing banks."

But you can only punish people!

Therefore, in Obama's mind, corporations are people. QED.

NOTE Obama makes a category mistake. No doubt readers can expand on the implications of such mistakes, if indeed Obama is indeed making a mistake. (In my reading, Obama is not speaking metaphorically, here. Earlier, when he said the banks needed to be "shored up," that's clearly a metaphor, though a dead one.)

UPDATE We may also see the foolish toolishness of the useful idiots who feel that Obama dissing the Supreme Court for Citizens United is in any way important. They agree on substance!

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aren't the "bad guys" either, according to Obama, but both banks and insurance companies need to be brought to heel. If that's what he means by punishment, then we will continue to be screwed.