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Sorry for the outage over the weekend!

I should have posted this yesterday, but then the Thailand story blew up! The cause of the outage was that I had postponed renewing the domain name at GoDaddy until a "last moment" that turned out not to be possible. I renewed it Monday, and all is now well for another year. I know it's useless to explain to people, on the site, how to see the site, to people who can't see the site, but maybe this will propagate:

If you still get a GoDaddy page with an error, it’s probably the DNS cache on your machine. You can wait for the GoDaddy to repropagate the URL, or you can flush the DNS cache on your machine. #1 worked for me.

1) Mac shell: dscacheutil -flushcache

2) Windows command line: ipconfig /flushcache

As to that "last moment"....

The financial disasters of the winter are still rippling through my life; for example, I came back to discover that I literally didn't make a dime on the house because of fuel costs for three months, and a smidge for the fourth. In the long run, I imagine I'll be fine -- and I've proved to myself that I can always flee to a country where currency arbitrage works in my favor! -- but in the short run things are very tight. For example, I'd like to get a PO Box to solve my mail problems! But I can't, because there's not enough money in the account.

So, this is not a formal fund-raiser (although I am meditating a parallel business plan) but the hamsters could use a little kibble. Don't overturn your own lifeboat! And, ideally, you'd be giving if you haven't given before (and there are thousands of you). It's not fair for me to keep asking the same people! So, first time contributors, now is your chance! The PayPal button is to your right.

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#1 worked for me.

it worked for me too. otoh...

I saw the godaddy banner, thought it was the same adware that okanogen had been attacked by, and spent most of my weekend running all my anti-malware programs, and didn't actually notice the domain name expiration until sunday night.