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Sometimes I really hate these f*ckers

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The House today sunk the Childhood Marriage Act, legislation which would have made preventing child marriage a key component of our international development efforts. Via dakinikat.

The measure passed the Senate unanimously, but was sabotaged in the House by Republicans who claimed the act could be used to 'fund abortions and use child marriage "to overturn pro-life laws."'. Even Pravda seemed disgusted, noting that

Time for the facts. First of all, S. 987 is short--the body of the bill is around ten pages long--and does not mention abortion ("family planning" isn't in there either). A quick read suffices to show that the bill is not dealing with abortion.
At this point, the bill's future is uncertain, but the ongoing bizarre misrepresentation of a bill designed to empower young girls and women is the worst sort of political gamesmanship. Why play politics with their lives at stake?

The act garnered a majority in the House, but failed because House rules are in suspension and needed a 2/3 vote to pass. And while Republicans instigated the bullshit anti-abortion attack, defeat was a bipartisan effort, with 9 Democrats, including Marcy Kaptur, voting no, plus the House leadership's failure to put the bill to a vote before House rules went into suspension.

The false abortion attack is the same tack used to try to prevent the passage of the IVAWA. The Congressional findings in the bill do a pretty good (if dry) job of enumerating the damage of early (aka 'forced') marriage, while Dick Durbin summed the defeat up in more colorful terms:

The action on the House floor stopping the Child Marriage bill tonight will endanger the lives of millions of women and girls around the world. These young girls, enslaved in marriage, will be brutalized and many will die when their young bodies are torn apart while giving birth. Those who voted to continue this barbaric practice brought shame to Capitol Hill.

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Hate eats the soul.

And a fine example of bipartisanship, with the Rs playing the feral heavies, and the "clueless and effectual" (not!) Ds delivering the game to them once again.

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session of Congress. Might lose their cred with Repubs. Or something like that. DADT will be about all they can handled.

And Obama does not fight for those things as he fights for profit protection for big business. Gotta keep the corporatism cred as well.