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Somebody should tell HuffPo to fix its cookie handling

I've got cookies severely limited on my main browsers, and HuffPo has the incredibly annoying habit of continually refreshing because it can't infect my computer with its data. So, I can't scroll, or even stop the page from building, to read it: HuffPo just refreshes again, and scrolls itself to the top.

One reason I don't read it so much, even through Froomkin is there.

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Submitted by bregenspan on

Hi Lambert (or anyone else reading this who might've experienced this issue),

We're looking into this problem and think we've narrowed it down to one of our features related to login via Facebook. If you get a chance, could you please answer these questions? This will greatly help us get the issue resolved quickly:

  • When browsing the site do you happen to be logged in on Facebook?
  • Have you logged in to HuffPost via Facebook in the past?
  • How are you restricting your cookie settings - disabling third-party cookies, disabling all cookies, or using a browser addon that lets you selectively disable certain ones?