If you have "no place to go," come here!

Somebody should ask Obama whether he supports the OMB workers who are seeking to unionize, or not

Like that will ever happen -- even asking the question, I mean. The union effort might well happen. After all, think of the support that Obama gave unions in WI, IN, and OH! And then there's card check!

Oh, wait.....

NOTE Cue chorus of "He's the best we can get," "The Rs won't let him," "He just doesn't understand," "Make him do it," and on and on and on, from pro-torture "liberals," career "progressives," and the usual suspects. Oh, and "You've got no place to go," STFU, and "You're a racist!" Seen it all, heard it all, been there, got the T-shirt, which has turned out to be very useful for sleepy time, here in the encampment. And the tote bag is incredibly useful when dumpster diving!

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I still think the presidents speech last winter in solidarity on the steps of WI capitol was a game changer. /s He really floored me when he did much the same in MN and IN too. Much more his reaction to MA legislation.

-change dims should bereave in.