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"Some things we cannot, we will not forgive"

In one of my other lives I frequent ChoralNet, a site for performers and composers of choral [#37] music. The other day this popped up, under the title Economic Meltdown and it is so apropos for the action on Wall Street:

"Lives Torn Apart" by Julia Laylander (used by permission)

Walking a hard, empty road,
Bearing a terrible load.
Lost in confusion,
Wishing it were an illusion.

Where is the land where our dreams could come true?
What can an honest soul do to get through?
Lives torn apart by invisible men,
Leaving us starting all over again.

How do they think we will live?
Some things we cannot, we will not forgive.
Those who have taken it all,
All, while the rest are forsaken!

I've used it up and I've worn it all out,
I've made it do, now we're doing without.
Where is the justice in life? Is there none?
Where is the fairness we fought for and won?
Please tell me!

Walking a hard, empty road,
Bearing a terrible load, a terrible load.

(To hear the music go here)

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