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Some sausage bits by 2010, other sausage bits by 2013

Profiles in courage! Politico, but:

Democrats are pushing Senate leaders and the White House to speed up key benefits in the health reform bill to 2010, eager to give the party something [anything!] to show taxpayers for their $900 billion investment in an election year.

The most significant changes to the health care system wouldn’t kick in until 2013 – two election cycles away. With Republicans expected to make next year a referendum on health care reform, Democrats are quietly lobbying to push up the effective dates on popular programs, so they'll have something to run on in the congressional midterms.

Under both bills, people who have been denied insurance due to preexisting conditions or who have been uninsured for six months could seek coverage in a high-risk pool available in 2010.

It's late, so I don't have time to run this down, but presumably "high risk" means "high price"?

If so, the result of losing your job, and your insurance, would be that your insurance premiums go up just when you can least afford it.

Please tell me I'm wrong.

NOTE With single payer, of course, that wouldn't happen.

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Submitted by hipparchia on

usually mean either high premiums or slightly more moderate premiums with very high deductibles.

eta: but i doubt this applies to people who have insurance through their jobs, and then lose their jobs. they'd first be able [if they could afford it] to keep their employer's insurance with cobra.

the high risk pools in question are for people who don't have insurance right now and have no hope of getting it on their own because of major pre-existing conditions, like diabetes or cancer.