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Some people just won't get over it

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HuffPo headlines I never got past...

"Hillary + Obama = High Drama"

"Report: Clinton Camp Fabricated Initial Obama 'Offer'"

I'm holding my breath waiting for the juicy speculation on who wrote the sequel to "Primary Colors." And in the hopes I won't live through more of these trivialities.

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I ask again: this is a good deal for America, why/how? This is so perpetually unhealthy it's not even funny. This constant psychological warfare won't service us now, and won't service us later.

Really, they still haven't let the Hillary "Lady McBeth" Clinton narrative go. She is the ultra-ambitious corruptor of the ultra-pious and pure "New Worlder" to put it in Arianna's own words:

It's Portrait of a Lady Secretary of State, in which the morally compromised symbol of the Old World (1990s D.C.) meets the brash, confident, audacious young upstart from the New World. Will the lady be able to "still have her voice " while at the same time "subordinating her ambitions?" Will she be "seen as her own person?" On the other side, will his "self confidence to name a global brand as his emissary" later be unmasked as, instead, a dangerous naiveté? Of course, in James' version, not only would the answer to that last one be yes, it would also likely be the agent of his destruction. Let's hope that Obama is able to rewrite that storyline -- and that The Ambassadors won't become The Turn of the Screw.

Oh, the frivolity of it all.

Lady A, think you could cram another literary reference into that piece? Good lord. I dare you, go count them all and see what you come up with.