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Some damn thing on the Liffey

Looks like a lot of The Big Shitpile could be buried in Dublin. Because that seems to be one place the shadow banks stashed it.

Hey, Barry! Why don't you pass the time by playing a little game of pass the parcel?

NOTE Via Yves on Systemic coupling round up. Remember "small pieces loosely joined"? How the internet is architected such that when one site goes down, the whole network doesn't collapse? Well, it looks like our TBTF financial network is the very opposite: Big systems tightly coupled. It's almost like it was designed to crash, or sumpin. Whereupon the big systems that crashed each other double down, get bigger, and crash again. There's no doom loop for the internet, but there is for finance...

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view of Too Big To Fail. They're not really too big, they're just, in some way, too connected. Which sounds remarkably like what is shown in this chart and in Yves' analysis. Bartiromo was interviewed on WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show earlier this year and it was repeated Thanksgiving Day (how's that for irony?). Audio only at link.

And, once again, it's Lemon Socialism: Profits privatized, losses socialized. This time it appears the Irish are supposed to take their turn at the bottom of the barrel. Will they realize it's not just their dense as rocks government, but also the Big Banksters' whole financial system doing this to them?

Today the Irish are protesting, according to the BBC, by the thousands, in messy, wet winter weather.

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