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Some Among Us Torture & Kill Animals, Others Offer Aid and Sanctuary

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I am partial to those who offer aid and sanctuary and take heart that there are intelligent, kind and loving people doing what they can to reduce suffering in the world. Can we "save" anyone or anything? My answer is no, because ultimately everything must pass (you and me and the stars and the trees...) but we can act with kindness and compassion along the way, and that for me will have to do.

Two years ago my wife and I went to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, just north of Kanab, Utah. Parts 1, 2 and 3 of this pleasant experience can be found here and here and lastly here.

What does it profit a man to speak of salvation while doing harm in the here and now?


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This comment has been edited to reflect the fact that I got the rescue group referred to in this post mixed up with a different rescue group which also cares for animals other groups won't take, this one located in Long Beach here in California, that MJS told us about in several posts. It was an unhappy story, and I had somehow turned this post into its happy ending.

The wonderful vindication to which I referred would have been a wonderful one if the Long Beach rescuer and her many supporters had been recognized as worthy of taking care of the dogs found on Vick's property. That was not the case, so the rest of my post makes little sense and I have duly deleted it.

The title doesn't make much sense, either, except that good work like that done in Utah, and all the other rescuers of animal life on our planet are vindicating in wonderful ways their own existence on the planet, and they deserve our support in any and all ways we can give it.

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Leah: I believe you were thinking of Noah's Ark, a rescue organization that was shut down by the city of Long Beach. The original posts are here and here.

That story became messier and messier, with Long Beach Animal Control taking an active role in closing down the rescue. Charges of animal neglect/abuse, a public outcry, and finally a trial, with the owner and one volunteer tried and convicted on a number of charges. The Long Beach Press Telegram has a number of stories about this situation. This link covers the end of the trial (note: the Press Telegram gives you part of the story, then asks if you to sign in [for free} to read the remainder).

There was a good deal of name-calling and assorted emotional responses to the original arrests, and accusations flew at the LB Animal Control and the Press Telegram (for its possibly biased coverage) as well as at Alex Kyrklund (the owner of the rescue). Noah's Ark took in dogs that were often on their last legs--literally--and now their facility is closed. I am all the more grateful for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and wish them continuing success in giving help where it is needed (they sent teams down to the gulf coast after Hurricane Katrina and were instrumental in helping with many of the lost/wounded/frightened animals down there).