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Solidarity blogging, great lakes edition

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Reaction from the People in the Gallery of WI Senate

Here is video of the reaction of the people in the Gallery of the WI Senate following the "vote" on the Voter"ID Bill."

GRITtv: Locked-Out Steelworkers Bring Fight to Honeywell

Solidarity Sing-a-Long, Madison, WI; 20 May 2011

Crowd chanting "One day longer, one day stronger!" ~ May 14th We Are Wisconsin Rally

Marching with the firefighters down State street! ~ May 14th We Are Wisconsin Rally

Rally to save our schools. Lansing, MI May 21, 2011

Detroit- US Uncut/Move On Tax Day 4-18-11.wmv

SB5 Teach-In at Otterbein University

OH Senate Minority Leader Capri Cafaro- Trust Women Lobby Day 2011

We Are Ohio Campaign Kick-Off Rally to Repeal SB5

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protests is that that appellation is fundamentally false. Each protest, each march that we've seen, is not an island. Each is rather a facet of what's truly become a global protest, billions of fingers curling together to make a single fist.