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Socialist presidential candidate swings through upstate

Peta Lindsay understands she’s probably not going to be elected president on the Socialism & Liberation ticket. Moreover, she understands that even if elected, at age 28 she’s seven years too young to serve. ...

...The S&L party is on the ballot in 13 states, including New York as well as Colorado, Utah, Florida, Washington and Wisconsin; in four of those states, another candidate heads the ticket to avoid Lindsay’s eligibility issues.

I keep blogging about the Green Party because that is who I am voting for. But I would urge readers to check out who is on the ballot in their state and just vote for who you think the best candidate is and don't worry about realism. Truthfully the down ballot candidates are far more important than who you vote for president. The Green Party or Justice party candidate for city council might have a chance of winning, so that is where we can build a new party, not at the Presidential level.

Vote for whoever you want to win and don't listen the realists.

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