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So when did DiFi become one with the lizard people?

Here's DiFi gavelling the Brennan hearing closed after a Code Pink protest. Jeebus, she looks awful:

I'm glad Code Pink did some civil resistance. But just listen to the nice people in suits and little dresses applauding here.

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Submitted by goldberry on

You're not supposed to be paying attention to the way women look. Gravity takes it's toll on all people eventually, men included, even if Lambert is a notable exception (If I recall correctly).
Have you seen Joe Biden lately??? He's looking pretty stretchy even if he still has chiclets for teeth.
I know that some people's appearances are captions just waiting to happen (like Mary Jo White. Mao with bangs). But we must keep our jokes to ourselves.
Feinstein is a bit of a bore, a conventional suburbanite with a big bank account. I can't remember when she did anything of note lately. Let's just leave it at that and look passed the ravages of time or any similarities to Delores Umbrage.

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

Between Brennan and Feinstein, it was indeed a creepy display of our soulless officials. This is what you get when you vote for the lesser of two lizards. You get lizards. (Lizard as in evil aliens not cute creatures of the desert). Jeremy Scahill was eloquent on the hearings both on "Democracy Now" and "UP" with Chris Hayes. He said that your principles are tested when somebody you like does something wrong. He was referencing a remark by Lew Siegel who said he trusted Obama to do the right thing.

It is disheartening that Democrats can even get the warm fuzzies over drone attacks because this president does it. Well, more than disheartening. Repugnant really.

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I am thrilled with the protesters. It reminds me of the Baucus 8, when those doctors stood up for Medicare for All at his Senate hearing. I hope this becomes a regular tactic. Instead of a group protest, a series of individuals.