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So, what was Willard Mitt Romney's dog praying for, exactly?

Via the fair and balanced Ana Marie, this saccharine little vignette:

One of the Romney family's 1980s routines had been to gather in Mitt and Ann's bedroom each night to say their prayers together. Another family dog from that era, a yellow Labrador named McKenzie, would join them, putting her paws up on the bed in mock prayer, Ann told the Globe.


I'm telling you, the Romneys are hinky.

But what was McKenzie praying for? I think I know:

Please, Mittster, I don't want to crap myself like Seamus[MR SUBLIMINAL: plume of brown liquid leaching down over the back window]! Don't strap my carrier to the top of the car!

Of course, it might depend on which religion the Dog belong to. I mean, if ol' Seamus was one of these schismatic Anglicans we've been dealing with lately, Seamus would probably be praying not to be in the same car with gays. "I thank God I'm not like other dogs," and so forth (Luke 18:11).

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Santorum over for dinner again.

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