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So this is what the Green Party's got to say about Wisconsin

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[Before I start, just so you know, the Green Party is airing their first weekly podcast tonight at 10 PM EST, focused all around Wisconsin and WI Greens. More info here - as usual, you can chat and interact and stuff like that.]

Interestingly, Madison, Wisconsin is actually one of the better cities in the nation to be a Green in. They've got 8 elected officials there and one of their strongest state representative candidates in the nation ran and got over 30 percent of the vote there in 2010. His name is Ben Manski and he's now taking a leading role, with his organization Liberty Tree and a new one called Wisconsin WAVE, in the resistance to this new trend of hardcore union-busting.

The Green Party of Wisconsin and the Green Party of the US have also put out press releases (available here and here, respectively) on the matter, but Ben's debate on CNBC today with a Republican state legislator shows really some of the best the Greens have to offer and some of what's really missing from the Democratic Party. Enjoy. (The debate starts a bit before 6:30)

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I was wondering what the Greens were up to.

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If the unions shouldn't be taking an expanded offense position across the board... seize the moment? On what, I don't know... maybe a national strike for card check or something... but sitting there already in the compromised position... with all this attention at long last... and winning being defined as another cut.... well it just seems to me like an opportunity lost.

Of course I support them... only wish i had time and funds to drive up and help. But this struggle is going on too long to fight to stay in the fetal position.

Thanks for the Green links... what little i can contribute, i would like to send their way... anyone know where/how to contribute to their current WI activities?

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Madison. A Green city councilman is running for mayor (Tony Palmeri) and an editor of who's pretty active in the party is running for his seat on city council (Ron Hardy).

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Thanks for keeping us informed on this. It will take persitence, like everything else....

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RW bastard named Matt Taibi!?!?!?!

I think I'll change my name to Nancy Reagan and see if my leftist progressive posts don't achieve some stature!

I feel like I must have hallucinated this one.