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So, what are the Dems/Progressive Caucus up to here?

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Are they just against the unchaining of SS from the CPI, or are they really defending Medicare and Medicaid, too? Or are they united in defending the safety net as a whole?

I'll take this opportunity to quote the covert rationing blog, a rightwing blog, but one that is full of great insights (when he's not trashing some undefined group known to him as "progressives":)

For covert rationing is the chief operating principle of both the Feds and the private insurers. Indeed, their behavior resembles nothing more than the behavior of the closet, white-collar narcotic addict: while smiling their pasty smiles and desperately pretending to us that all of their new initiatives are only concerned with quality and nothing else, in reality, with every ounce of their being, their devious minds are constantly inventing new schemes to manipulate, deceive and twist each and every opportunity into some means of scoring their next covert-rationing “hit.”

Consequently, we cannot go wrong if we ask, every time we see some new healthcare program ostensibly aimed at quality improvement: Where’s the rationing?

I happen to be a fan of OVERT rationing, btw, like NICE in the UK. But this backdoor, behind the scenes, covert method of killing off the non-wealthy can only be described as evil.

And another example of "hurry up and die" policy (from the same CRB link:)

Lest anyone think that doctors would not really stop recommending clinically indicated care to patients just because of the personal risk it would entail, remember that it’s already happened, and is well documented. The government and the insurance companies have already conducted that experiment; it’s been completed, the results have been tabulated, reported, and duly noted. It turns out that doctors, like most other people, respond quite logically to negative incentives.

CMS knows exactly what it’s doing here.

(link to bolded in CRB link)

Everything about the CMS is shady as hell, btw. But I guess that's the subject for another post.

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