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So #Snowden was in the Moscow airport all along

Via the Guardian via the Times:

The New York Times' Moscow correspondent Ellen Barry flags a report in Russian in which President Vladimir Putin says Snowden is in a transit zone at Sheremetyevo International Airport.

Well, so much for my "left Hong Kong by sea" theory!

NOTE Nice touch from Putin, releasing the news in Russian, and kudos to the Times for grabbing it first. Resources help!

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I hope that Snowden is not trapped there. Putin has no more interest in encouraging this sort of behavior than Obama. In a sense, Putin has Snowden in a very sophisticated prison. Putin is just as afraid of Wikileaks as Obama, he just plays it a little differently.

Submitted by lambert on

... must surely have or be trying to get a similar program. And also must be hacked by the NSA. But we have had no news of the first (presumably the documents are squirreled away) and no Izvestia interview either... Though granted either would make Snowden look really bad. Still, he is not without information.

I worry more about Obama and Putin making a corrupt bargain, but it looks like Obama blew that change -- what Putin meant by "I'd prefer not to deal with this issue at all—it's like shearing a pig—too much squeaking, too little wool." As I used to say, "And we get?"

Submitted by Hugh on

Snowden has managed to get egg on the face of American elites. As sovereign states big enough to have their own agendas, countries like Russia and China feel no need to help these elites fix what is in the eyes of the Russians and the Chinese not their problem.

China and Hong Kong had no interest in playing the role of coolies and chop chop returning Snowden to the US. It is only the fantasy of neocon narcissists and their media stooges who ever thought the Chinese would embrace this role. What they and those in the Administration are getting hit with is the same kind of legal niceties they are trying to use against Snowden. The Snowden affair is an irony rich environment.

The media and our political classes don't get this. They are like people who don't get the joke and don't realize they are the joke. So for instance when Snowden flew to Moscow, the Russians dutifully reported he was not in Russia. And this was true. Snowden was in transit. He never officially passed through customs and entered Russia. So they could say with a straight face that he wasn't in Russia.

I am sure both the Chinese and Russians would like to know what Snowden knows, but both can see how the Snowden affair is playing out. They know their best move is to stay out of it, not coerce Snowden or seize his laptops, and let this play out between Snowden and the US government. So as Putin said, there is no wool in it for the Russians, but also no reason to give the pig back to the Americans.