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So, Diane, what's your point?

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It's clear that Congress and the president still don't get it. Worse, it's clear that they don't want to get it, that they are perfectly happy with a system that will continue to generate huge profits for private insurance companies and for-profit health care delivery systems, and that they expect citizens to pay for those systems.

Yeah, and? I mean, seriously. Isn't that what citizens are for?

Oh, for the days when we were told "go shopping!" instead of being told "go pay for the insurance companies to deny you health care so they can profit!" (Or, shorter, "Go die!")

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in your recent hospitalization, but did they remove both logic and compassion?

If we succeed in providing good health insurance options and make them affordable to all Americans regardless of income, then people should have a responsibility to buy it for their families. That way insurance companies and hospitals will no longer have to tack the cost of uncompensated care to the uninsured onto the medical bills and premiums of those with insurance.

Divide and conquer. The only reason people with insurance pay such high premiums is them deadbeats that the good insurance companies have to tack on the cost of their uncompensated care for... but insurance companies don't even pay for the people they insure, so I'm pretty sure they don't pay for the uninsured.

I guess the hospitals do, but with single-payer that would be a moot point.

Or as a good doctor said, "Be Well. To do otherwise is expensive," unless you're a member of congress like Ted.