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So, as I'm ready to go to sleep, I read that "Paypal has frozen the account of Courage to

Resist" the main fundraising site for Bradley Manning. :
And then, I read that some English judge has ruled to extradite Assange to Sweden. I am beyond outraged. The oligarchy is responding just like Mubarak, like Qaddafi, and they will go down just like those despots did. I would be in despair if not for Wikileaks and Anonymous, and millions of freedom-loving activists aroused throughout the world, like Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans, Bahrainis, Yemenis, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Palestinians, Algerians, etc, and now, in the US, we are seeing an uprising centered on Wisconsin but spreading, just like in the ME.
The absolute hubris of American corporations acting to refuse to allow the legal transfer of funds by US CITIZENS to the recipient of their choice crosses the line. It was done before, targeting Wikileaks, and Assange, now Bradley Manning, WHO NEXT? Oh, BTW, after reading the briefs related to Assange:
it is palpably obvious that this is a concerted, coordinated effort by our government, in concert wih our allies, to squash the journalistic and free speech rights of the citizens of this country. This is an outrage. If we cannot have a free press, we are victims of fascism.

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Submitted by hipparchia on

out of their original gazillion-point skeleton defense, they apparently chose to go with challenging a few rather obscure technical points; the experts they brought in to testify on these points turned out to not be experts on these points after all; those experts' testimony was based on what assange's lawyers told them and not on their own knowledge or independent sources; and assange's swedish lawyer [and quite possibly his uk lawyers as well] lied to those experts.

i can only think of three possible explanations: (1) they have no case and they know it; (2) they're seriously incompetent; (3) they're all in collusion with the govts of england, sweden, and the us to railroad their own client.

2. paypal is evil, and has been so since long before wikileaks was born.

Submitted by Hugh on

We live in a kleptocracy run by and for the rich and the corporations. There is no law for them, only for us, to punish us and keep us in our place. Whether it is the government or a corporation that does it hardly matters because they are mostly one and the same.