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So if the Tsarnaevs only had a handgun, who the heck was firing off all the guns during the chase scene?

And we were also told that the suspects threw IEDs. Did they? We were also told the suspects were wearing what appeared to be suicide vests. Were they? Alternet:

Now, almost a week after the Tsarnaev brothers fought a rolling street battle with dozens of heavily armed police officers, we learned Wednesday night that they had only a single handgun, according to sources who spoke with  ABC News and the  AP, something that directly contradicts what officials had previously said.

Cops, donuts. Cops, out-of-control gunfire, who knew? A case of High Speed Pursuit Syndrome, perhaps?

Anyhow, read the whole article for lots more. What a fucking mess. 'Scuse me now. I've got to paint "Boston Strong" on my face and join the "USA! USA!" chanting outside my window.

NOTE Maybe after reading this piece, William Rivers Pitt will issue a grovelling apology to critics and skeptics for "masturbating in public". Personally, I think his screed is a massive case of projection, but then he's a pro. That makes it different.

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There was a second pressure cooker bomb.

UPDATE Adding, that as soon as I heard "one handgun" I thought "throw down." So, that happens, but not here.