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So how's that working out for ya?

Democratic Platform, 2008:

A great nation now demands that its leaders abandon the politics of partisan division and find creative solutions to promote the common good.


I thought a great nation was demanding that the Democrats kick the Republicans in the nads, as the necessary first step to accomplishing anything else. Silly me.

NOTE Hilariously, has chosen a proprietary data format that enables you to print the platform on paper but not to copy the text. So I had to type the text in myself. I sure hope that when Obama makes the government transparent, it doesn't work like this. Please, Democrats, I'm begging you: Stop sucking! At long last, will you please stop sucking?

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Instead of shoving the kitchen sink down the Republican throats, the Democrats fill the the stimulus we lard and nonsense. Letting the Republicans to have something to bitch about. Obama gives away half the store on the alter of bi-crapmanship.

Have anyone seen Bill lately?