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So, how about that AARP?

A reader writes:


You gotta follow this link to the AARP ACA "quiz":

Here was my feedback to AARP:

Just took your ACA quiz -- scored a 90 -- picked 2017 instead of 2020 for the disappearance of the doughnut hole. Unwarranted optimism, oh well. This isn't so much a quiz as a shill for ACA. How about a question on the Medicaid Clawback for those aged 55+? The Affordable Care Act would more accurately be called the Insurance Company Relief Act, not a surprising outcome, since they essentially wrote the enabling legislation.

Meanwhile you continue to sell insurance through the United Health Group - a corporate member of the Campaign to Fix the Debt. Some of us notice.

Needless to say I am a lapsed member. If I had it to do over, I would insert "shameless" in front of "shill."

On a more optimistic note, I think the rich are doing us a great favor by telling us what they really think. Sensing their contempt might be the ticket to end the 99%'s zombie trance.


Readers, what's your take on on this? Another organization running on brand fumes, like Consumer Reports?

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I guess it's a profit deal, to quote the jerk. AARP stands to make a lot of money from Obamacare and its provisions. But do they also make money directly from the advertising budget of the ACA? I don't know.

According to right-wing news sources, the AARP helped write Obamacare. And its provisions are very lucrative for them.

the bill created a special, AARP-specific carve-out exempting its Medigap policies from the rate regulations applied to its competitors.