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So, have we invaded Syria, yet?

Oh wait, with what army? OK, whacked Assad with a drone strike? C'mon, what are we waiting for?

Jeebus, we don't even have a fake government of "Syrian exiles" issuing press releases in London, for pity's sake. How are we supposed to hold "free elections"? Can't anybody here play this game? What's wrong with these people?

UPDATE Adding, I think it would be swell if we hit Syria right on August 28, on the exact day. Because that's what "Martin" would have wanted.

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Submitted by tom allen on

Just call the Operation "The March on Damascus" and Obama can probably get Sharpton to assure us that "Martin would have endorsed this bombing."

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Submitted by Martin Finnucane on

Yeah, and as a reward for his support, Obama would let Al come to the white house through the back door, and have a nice hot meal in the downstairs kitchen.