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So, given that David Brat is the font of all evil, will Democrats fund his opponent, Jack Trammell?

I'm guessing no. Here's a straw in the wind, granted, from DC's Daily Shopper:

Jack Trammell thought he would be challenging the House majority leader in November’s general election for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. But after Cantor’s upset loss in the GOP primary on Tuesday night, Trammell will instead face fellow political novice Dave Brat, who also happens to teach at Randolph-Macon College.

Trammell, an assistant professor of sociology, has more than 20 books to his credit, including a romance novel [sure is odd that Politico focuses on this, and not on the slavery book; see below] and more academic works. One student who spoke with him Wednesday morning said Trammell was excited about the twist in the race, and that he is on friendly terms with Brat.

Little is known about Trammell’s specific policy views or his campaign operation. A spokeswoman for the Federal Election Commission said the agency had received no records from his campaign, meaning that he has either raised or spent less than $5,000 or that his paperwork is still in the mail.

Ha ha. So Democratic operatives were just as clueless as Republican operatives. And to the question in the headline:

“House Majority PAC will be watching the VA-07 race shape up,” said Ali Lapp, executive director for the Democratic super PAC focused on House races. “Brat’s positions on the issues are clearly out of the mainstream of even Republican-leaning VA-07. We’ll watch it closely and determine whether or not it’s a good investment of resources.

Ha ha again. That's a no. (Shaping up to be another case of the Democrats heaving a challenger under the bus because a Republican demon figure is more useful to them. Exhibit A: The Walker recall in WI.)

We do know that Trammell supported Dukakis and Bill Clinton, but know little of Trammell's platform. Here's his new campaign website, which replaced his old site immediately after Cantor lost. WIkipedia summarized his platform from Trammell's old site, now vanished:

Trammell's platform focuses on the need for educational reform, including special education and greater access to college, student loan relief, job creation, accountability in massive public private projects like the expansion of U.S. Route 460, and basic healthcare for every American.[2] [broken link][/broken]

I would sure like to know what "basic healthcare for every American" means.

Meanwhile, the WaPo story only gives his bio:

According to articles posted on the Randolph-Macon web site, Trammell joined the college’s faculty in 2000 after doing graduate work at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. He has directed the school’s disability support services department and its honors program and serves as an associate professor of sociology, specializing in disability issues in higher education.

Interestingly, although the press focus -- ha ha -- is on his popular literature, he also wrote this book: "The Richmond Slave Trade: The Economic Backbone of The Old Dominion."

THE RICHMOND SLAVE TRADE: THE RICHMOND SLAVE TRADE: Richmond's 15th Street was known as Wall Street in antebellum times, and like its New York counterpart, it was a center of commerce. But the business done here was unspeakable and the scene heart wrenching. With over sixty-nine slave dealers and auction houses, the Wall Street area saw tens of millions of dollars and countless human lives change hands, fueling the southern economy. Local historian and author Jack Trammell traces the history of the city's slave trade, from the origins of African slavery in Virginia to its destruction at the end of the Civil War. Stories of seedy slave speculators and corrupt traders are placed alongside detailed accounts of the economic, political and cultural impact of a system representing the most immense, concentrated human suffering in our nation's history.

Let the oppo begin!

NOTE One more fun fact:

For almost seven years, he wrote a regular military history column for the Washington Times.

I can't find this in Google or at the Washington Times, but I don't have more than a few minutes; I've got to go spread mulch now.

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The Washington Times archives search won't return any results after 2009 for whatever reason, but here's a list of Trammell's stories in the paper through that date. Here's the list of all Google results for his name appearing in the paper, which will no doubt be growing. Happy mulching ...

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meanwhile local Democrats are swamping his facebook page. He will get the sort of donations that come in $20 - $100. He will be able to raise enough to put up a decent website, print up brochures, and possibly do so well targeted mail outs. The state party has a very good voter data base that he can rent at cost. I doubt that will be enough in such a Republican district, but Virginia Democrats are rallying around.

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Bad strategic politics from the Democrats, I reckon ... but then, what else is new?

Invest enough dollars up front, one-time, so that the Trammell campaign can ramp up and pose a credible threat, and (1) it'll force the Republicans to invest more dollars on trying to bring Brat to Congress (which is likely spending money to buy themselves a PITA), and (2) if Brat stumbles, as he may well do, its far more likely that Trammell can take advantage of it.