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So define 'Liberal' for me.

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I'm obviously confused.

You see to me 'Liberal' means socially progressive and non-discriminatory, someone who's in favor of economic equality and the Labor movement, someone who believes in democracy and accountability to the electorate, a person who values courage and accuracy in reporting.

In the Orwellian Newspeak of the current climate 'Liberal' seems to mean pay lip service to cultural issues while exploiting Identity Politics and never, ever taking actual action (Black Lives Matter, Immigration, Islamophobia, Global Warming, Gun Control).

It means someone who favors the accumulation of obscene wealth, corporate monopolism, and the reduction of workers to Industrial (to the extent we still have any industry to speak of) Slaves in competition with the most miserable and exploited Third World slum dweller subsisting on pennies a week.

It means someone who thinks it a galling inconvenience to even pretend that voters matter and does everything possible to hide any agency from the public while pocketing legalized bribes.

It is people who are for the most part vapid airheads who can't read anything except a teleprompter and who's only discernible job qualification is that they're telegenic (that is except for the ones who are deliberately evil liars).

'Liberalism' is not putting your faith in buildings full of faceless technocrats of no particular merit, expertise, or success who got their jobs because of accident of birth, pedigree of schooling, or both.

Those now calling for Corbyn's resignation as Labour Leader are almost uniformly the very same Blairite, New Labour, Neolib hacks who hated the fact that someone with actual Left attitudes who believes that Labour is about improving the condition of workers and the poor instead of abject toadying to City Banksters got democratically elected in the first place instead of one of the fakes the MPs wanted to win.

There's already a party in Britain for that. It's called the Tories.

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War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.