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So about that guy Mourdock...

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Via Twitter, Ian Welsh suggested that someone look up the voting record of Mourdock's opponent. So I did.

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No on Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act
Yea on Prohibiting Federal Funds for Use by Planned Parenthood
Yea on Prohibiting Taxpayer Funding for Abortion
Yea on Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA) of 2012
Yea on Amends Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to Prohibit Abortion Coverage

And it's not just that he's "pro-life", he also loves coal, fracking, the pipeline. Hates the DREAM Act and anyone on public assistance not working. His liberal score according to one site I saw is a 23/100. His conservative score a 51/100.

None of which is to say that Mourdock isn't an idiot. Just that I'm very confused why anyone on the left would care about who wins this race (although I understand calling out Mourdock's misogyny, it just seems like it's also being used as an excuse to vote Democratic and as Donnelly shows that's not necessarily a vote for women).

Submitted by Hugh on

Joe Donnelly is a Blue Dog. Both he and Mourdock are deeply conservative by almost any measure. Mourdock might be even more extreme, but I think the main difference is that Mourdock doesn't dress up his nutcase beliefs while Donnelly does.

Submitted by hipparchia on

a blue dog democrat, a tea party republican and a gold-bug libertarian walk into a bar...

no, wait... a blue dog democrat, a tea party republican and a gold-bug libertarian are cloned from the same petri dish (actually, mourdock the tea partier sounds the most pro-government welfare services there)...

no, wait... a blue dog democrat, a tea party republican and a gold-bug libertarian enter the same senate race....

worried that donnelly the democrat likes coal? mourdock the tea partier used to be a geologist in the coal-mining industry.

think that both legacy parties ought to go down in flames? vote third party! except that the "libertarian" in the race agrees with mourdock on abortion.

about the only thing that separates donnelly from the other two on abortion is that he isn't actively, vocally espousing hating women. not much distinction, i grant you, but given indiana's rich history of hate, that's probably the biggest step forward that's available to hoosiers at this point.

oh, and donnelly's opposed to free trade agreements, so far, at least.

not that voting for a pete peterson-inspired (and possibly funded) blue dog is a good option if you're female, but the koch family empire's founding and/or funding of libertarians, tea partiers, john birchers and who-knows-what-all-else is probably the greater danger to us all right now.

i like ian welsh a lot, and he's a pretty smart dude, but he is a dude, and i for one resent his apparent use of women's reproductive rights as a political football here. [yes, i know, the democratic party is using women's reproductive rights as a political football too.]

Submitted by lambert on

The way to stop using women's reproductive rights as a political football is to stop using women's reproductive rights as a political football.

Submitted by hipparchia on

all the voters in indiana can realize that all the available senate candidates hate women and they can then decide to vote for one [or none] of them based on their other positions, or on the very slight differences in their abortion positions. and ian welsh can just stfu this one time.

Submitted by lambert on

Ian Welsh is, in essence, the referee. He threw a flag. And rightly so. If you want to blame people for playing football with women's reproductive rights, why don't you blame people who are playing football with women's reproductive rights?

Unless, of course, you're arguing that nobody outside the district can express an opinion on the race; or that only partisans are fully moral human beings who deserve the right to express their opinions at times of their own choosing.

You're not arguing that, though, are you?

Submitted by hipparchia on

nope, i see it as concern trolling on ian's part.

the most egregious example in recent months, that i can remember seeing, is kevin drum's The Slippery Slope of the Rush Limbaugh Boycott in which he bemoans tha fact that women, in response to limbaugh's repeated and hate-filled attacks on sandra fluke [and by extension, all women's medical and reproductive rights], have actually managed to cause the rush limbaugh show some economic harm, and appear to possibly even be able to make his show so unpopular as to maybe possibly perhaps even get it off the air entirely. suddenly, the fact that some dude's radio show might get shut down, just because some millions of grrrlz finally managed to get their outrage heard, is a bigger problem than the reason why the grrrlz were outraged in the first place.

same with ian's point. sure, the democrat in the race is a misogynist prick too, but mourdock is even worse, and just when the grrrlz' outrage over his hate speech gets national attention and it even looks like mourdock may be driven back under the rock he crawled out from under, along comes some dude concern trolling again.

sorry, not going to dig up countless examples from the internets for you... but in future you can keep one ear and eye open for this phenomenon and note for yourself how often it does or does not happen: liberal, progressive, socialist, democratic, or other types of left-of-center dudes are all for women's rights, right up until it looks like the women may actually be winning a particular battle against a dude. sometimes the women win anyway (remember don imus? good, me either) but all too often the dudes of all political persuasions suddenly band together when it looks like one of their own [read: dude] is threatened.

Submitted by lambert on

You're confusing "women" with "D party operatives pushing memes in a Senate race."

That's the only battle that's going on here and those will be the only winners.

In two weeks nobody will remember which of the two men who don't think raped women should get abortions won.

And while we're in total genetic fallacy mode, the person who passed this on was BDBlue. So a women is part of the dudely chain of events here. Just saying.