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Snowflakes From Faraway Lands

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The website From Israel to Lebanon has graphic images up from the latest war-affected areas of Lebanon and Israel. Civilians are getting the worst of it.

Mere words are the ciphers here. In Iraq, approximately one hundred people a day are being killed. In Lebanon, the destruction of life and property continues unabated. The images (see next page: Warning--these images are what war looks like) are one-sided in that they don't show the good side of war, and so could be viewed as partisan. They only show that human beings are suffering.

Make your own judgements. The manufacturers of the weapons make their own judgements. Those who fire those weapons make there own judgements, or make a judgement to not judge but simply to fire away. The wounded, the dead, the destroyed: those who can will make their own judgements, but not today perhaps. Today they are busy. Today they suffer. On all sides the people suffer.

Juan Cole has more here.

Large file on next page.


Israeli girls write messages to their neighbors

The neighbors receive the messages

Perhaps this message was about love

Maybe this message was a poem

Which message on a rocket did you get?

A Snowflake in Hell


All images from here.


UPDATE: Mr. Wolcott has a few words aligned regarding the latest carnage here and here.

Billmon does as well.


UPDATE Welcome, American Spectator readers [DCOW]

Yes, Israel's measures seem just about right.
-- Jerry Wilde, Ph.D.

Jeebus, is the VRWC still funding these guys?

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