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Snowden's transition from the transit zone

USA Today:

Snowden received immigration papers on Thursday from his lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, and immediately jumped into a taxi with a pre-packed suitcase and headed into Moscow.

"Snowden is in a safe place. I didn't suggest it to him, it was his decision," Kucherena told Dozhd TV, RIA Novosti reports. "He will decide for himself how to live his life from now on. He has friends with him, including Americans with whom he made contact via his friends from the United States when he was still in the (airport) transit zone."

Snowden has also been assisted in Moscow by a WikiLeaks representative, Sarah Harrison.

Kucherena said the 30-year-old former defense contractor is "exhausted" and will need to go through a period of "rehabilitation" to get over the grueling experience since he arrived in Russia from Hong Kong on June 23.

"Snowden can live in a hotel or rent a flat in Russia," said Kucherena, according to "But the personal safety issue is a very serious one for him."

Security levels are so high, Kucherena told Vesti FM radio, that Snowden "can't go for a walk on Red Square or go fishing."

The lawyer told Julia Ioffe of The New Republic that Snowden, after receiving the asylum papers. at first didn't seen to fully understand internally how his life had changed.

"Because he had been waiting for it for so long, he had been so worried," the lawyer told the magazine. "He said, 'It can't be!' That he wouldn't believe it 'til he saw the documents. Then, of course, he was happy."

The New Republic? What kind of sense does that make?