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Snowden charged with espionage


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Actually, that makes sense since Obama does believe in lying to the public and hates it when a truth teller actually gets through to the public. Seems to drive him, well, crasy.

The attacks and put down of Occupy, all the vaious whistleblowers.

We have ourselves a paranoid president of the first order,misusing power and now playing out of the East German playbook. But, of course, authoritatians have done things like this since time immemorial.

Barry may be destroying the Democratic Party single handedly. Well, of course, he has help, but who thought he would resusitate the dying Repub Party so very well?

His legacy is beginning to look pretty bad right now: NSA spying on Americans, Nixonian misuse of executive power, private for-profit health insurance profit protection plan enforced by the highly popular IRS (heh). Things not coming to mind just now -- Hugh, how's you list of Obama's Horros coming along?

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Obama still wants to pretend like he deals with "folks" through the legal system.

Because meanwhile, back at [fill in secret location of NSA-DHS-Obama headquarters where the assassinations of patriotic Americans are planned] ... maps, to do lists, logistical matters are under furious discussion.

An Obama scorned is a big coward.