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Snowden can't be extradited from Hong Kong for disclosing classified information

Nice little tidbit from the LA Times:

The United States and Hong Kong, a self-ruled part of China, signed a bilateral extradition treaty that took effect in 1998, a year after Britain handed over control of its former colony. Under the treaty, espionage or disclosing classified information aren’t extraditable offenses.

The treaty allows extradition for vaguely defined “computer crimes.” But it also allows Hong Kong to refuse to extradite someone “where there is a political motivation for the offense,” and Hong Kong authorities could decide that Snowden’s disclosures constitute a political statement against U.S. surveillance programs.

The Justice Department’s office of international affairs, which includes lawyers who are experts on U.S. extradition treaties, is probably advising prosecutors on what charges would be recognized as valid under the treaty.

“It’s their job to figure out what charge is most likely to be favorably recognized by the court in Hong Kong,” [Jason Weinstein, a former deputy assistant attorney general,] said.

So, looks like there's method to Snowden's Hong Kong madness.

I wonder how he searched for that without leaving a trail?

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He had access to everything. He had the root password and permissions to do what ever he wanted, and Rumsfeld made sure that there is almost no one left in NSA with any real knowledge of how the systems they are buying from contractors actually work.

Snowden is not stupid, as many are implying. He knew what he was doing and what would happen when he did it.

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is being made about his lack of formal education.

Well, heard him on a "Real News" video, and the guy sounds very articulate to me.

I was rather amazed that someone not yet even thirty years old had his composure, considering the (potential) circumstances he faces. I thought he was impressive.