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Snitches, Infiltrators, and Just Plain Liars

I have no idea what the underlying story here is all about. Why did the residents of East Lynn (MO or KS is not specified) feel the need to call a community meeting to talk about their police coverage? Beats me.

But why the cop who infiltrated the meeting lied about his line of work is a lot clearer. Methinks he's going to find that claiming to work for the Kansas City Star is not a really smart thing to do when you have a community-relations problem already on your hands:

About 50 of the town’s 300 residents attended. At least one person had notified a newspaper, so nobody paid attention to a middle-aged man scribbling notes on a yellow tablet.

But after the meeting someone asked the man who he was with.

“He said he worked for T he Kansas City Star,” said Bill Gregg, the former alderman who organized the meeting.

Untrue. Nobody from The Star was at the meeting.

East Lynne Police Chief Roger Trout acknowledged Friday that he had sent a friend to the meeting to find out what concerns were being raised and to monitor whether any misinformation was presented.

Then we get this joker, who is clearly shooting for a higher position like White House spokesman after Tony Snow gets hooted out of town for being such a schmuck:

But Bill Hughes, the department spokesman, was adamant that the mole never represented himself as a Star reporter.

“Our guy stated that he reports to the star,” Hughes said. “That could have been Pamela Anderson, the star; the Star Magazine; or ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.’ ”

Get with the program, idiots. You're a cop, you want to sneak into a meeting, you claim they must have been planning terrorism or they wouldn't have had anything to hide. You want to play in the big leagues, you better get your moves worked out in the minors.

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