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Smithsonian's disgraced CEO just another typical Republican

At this point, why would anybody assume that the Republicans want to do anything with government other then wreck it and then loot the remains?

Former Smithsonian secretary Lawrence M. Small took nearly 10 weeks of vacation a year during seven years running the vast museum complex and was absent from his job 550 workdays while earning $5.7 million on outside work, according to an independent commission report to be released today.

The Smithsonian's second-ranking official, Sheila P. Burke, was absent from her job as deputy secretary for 400 days while earning $10 million over six years on non-museum work.

Nice work if you can get it. Maybe he was off doing coke deals with Rudy? Actually, we should probably be grateful they weren't in the office more:

The report, obtained yesterday by The Washington Post, concluded that Small "created an imperialistic and insular culture" that discouraged dissent, kept secrets and limited the flow of information to the Board of Regents, whose job it was to hire and oversee Small.

Wait a minute, this is starting to sound awfully famliar...

"Mr. Small's management style -- limiting his interaction to a small number of Smithsonian senior executives and discouraging those who disagreed with him -- was a significant factor in creating the problems faced by the Smithsonian today," the report concluded. "His attitude and disposition were ill-suited to public service and to an institution that relies so heavily, as the Smithsonian does, on federal government support."

It reminds me of somebody, I just know it does....

NOTE And please, let's not use "the incompetence dodge," OK? Wreckers do tend to wreck:

The report also found that Small's fundraising ability, which earlier had been used to justify his salary and housing allowance, was less effective than that of his predecessor, I. Michael Heyman, who raised more money his last year on the job than Small did in 2006. The report found that fundraising declined and business revenues dropped during Small's tenure, "making the Smithsonian more reliant on federal appropriations and grants."

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What I found out this week was from the Appropriation Bills being voted on by US House this week.

# Smithsonian: $652 million, $18 million above 2007 and $26 million below the President's request. This includes $536 million for operational costs...

So, wow.. we spend more on the Smithonian in tax dollars... then, well, lots of things. Like nuclear detection devices for the homeland.

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Oh yeah. Republicans are corrupt. What about the your liberal friends from Tyco and Enron. They were not republicans. They were all Democrats dumb ass.