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Small ball from Obama on DISemployment, while people lose their homes, their health...

What next? School uniforms? Have I mentioned lately what an asshole Obama is?

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The guy did the best he could, it was Hoover's fate to be the last president to serve out his term prior to Keynes publishing The General Theory. In other words, Hoover was like an early 20th century doctor practicing before antibiotics were discovered, powerless to fight deadly infections that, today a $4 prescription from Walmart would clear up.

Obama is like a modern doctor that has the tools and knowledge that his long-ago predecessor could not even dream of. Alas, Dr. Obama takes the view that his patients are worth more to him dead than alive (my suspicion is he's stealing their Social Security checks,) so no trips to Walmart for them... unless the Waltons have added cut-rate cremation services to their offerings or something.

Reasonable minds may differ, but my feeling is that Herbert Hoover was the better human being.