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Slow food!

A very brief note to say that my slow food dinner Sunday night was sublime.

Now, it cost the price of a good meal, which to me means what you can get away with in a Philly BYOB: About $30 for a starter plus a main course, plus wine. So, in this context, while local didn't mean cheap, it did mean comparable to non-local.

And it was so much better. The ingredients simply were better. Typically, for example, a strawberry, carrot, goat cheese and beet salad would have a hard time standing up to a Shiraz. Here, the salad overwhelmed the Shiraz, because the flavors were so intense. (I should say that at this restaurant, they do know how to cook, so I don't think the variable was preparation.)

Best meal I've had in a long, long time, and that includes meals I've had when travelling, if and when I haven't been forced into ramen noodle mode.

Quite the experience, taste!

NOTE Slow Food International.

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Submitted by Truth Partisan on

Can you at least post the full menu? Now that we are drooling? If we promise to read it really slowly and imagine each taste?

I once had a French food slow meal that lasted more than 3 hours and it was great--a whole new perspective on relaxing and enjoying.

Once again, totally rocking for bringing this up, Lambert.

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Submitted by Sarah on

I had a fresh meal for lunch today: Vietnamese lemongrass stir fry with beef and steamed rice.
It was every bit as yummy as any slow food I've tried (and I once made this dish from scratch-- that takes days when you have to make your own Tasso!).

Granted, I knew the restaurant; and usually I ask for either the curry or the lemongrass chicken there. But there is much to be said for minimizing preparation, avoiding preservatives, and eating a little less heavily than is typical of "cocina del norteamericana".

That said ... what you need is not so much "slow" food as food you control. I've only been harping on this since one of my earliest guest posts here.

If you can, raise your own. If you can't raise your own, go in together with friends or family and neighbors and cooperatively buy something raised as locally as possible.

And beware the changing weather.

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