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Sloppy is as Sloppy Does

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Ooops. He's already fired those meddling kids he hired to do this, right?

Still, reports of signatures being collected by close friends of Lieberman and other volunteers began surfacing in late July and early this month. And though most of the petitions were left Wednesday with Bysiewicz, others had trickled in to individual town clerks or registrars of voters.

"In the last 10 days, 500 signatures have been certified by our office," said Alice Fortunato, Democratic registrar in Lieberman's birthplace of Stamford. Fortunato said they were returned to the town clerk and should be en route to Bysiewicz.
Shirley Surgeon, Hartford's Democratic registrar of voters, said she is verifying 59 pages of signatures delivered to that city's town clerk last week.

Although each petition contains room for 30 signatures, Surgeon said the majority of those she received contain about half that, and several have been disqualified.

"Out of 15 on this first page, nine were good," Surgeon said.

In Norwalk, Town Clerk Andrew Garfunkel said he received one petition page Wednesday.

Norwalk Democratic Registrar Betty Bondi said if the rest of Lieberman's petitions are as "sloppy" as that one piece of paper, his chances to make it onto the ballot do not look good.

"There were less than 10 names and only two good signatures," Bondi said.

He'll probably make it, but gosh! Sure would be a bellylaugh if he dinnit.

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