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slogans, dammit, give me slogans!

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You know Hillary is a the moment
She can't be bothered right now to reinvent

It takes presence of mind to have devine inspiration
At least for us...mere does.
She needs all her smarts out there on the stump.

I say Hillary could use some bigger better brighter slogans
and we're all bright kids here
we can come up with...bumper stickers & lapel pins.

We can do that.
"So cough'em up for Hillary!"

(well, okay...THAT one is not so good...)

But I do like mine:

"you need a mother VERY badly!"
--wendy to capatain hook

what's yours?

(preferably one per post for full impact)


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Submitted by Charles Lemos on

a line to add to one of her standard lines.

Mrs. Clinton has been noting that it takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush. I might suggest that she also add that sometimes a wife has to finish the unfinished business of her husband and tidy up after him as well.

I hope Mrs. Clinton gets the chance to serve. I firmly believe that she might just surprise us all by being another FDR/LBJ. She has the potential to be far greater than Bill. Wouldn't that be something?

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Submitted by Joe Bourgeois on

-- a spell check would be nice. And a quick look at the rules regarding ellipses. And some genre knowledge concerning electronic communication and the use of all caps.
Sorry, but it's really starting to bother me.

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Submitted by koshembos on

- If the media hates me, I must be great
- The Republicans want Obama, they are afraid of me
- Obama makes his fans cry, I'll make the Republican cry
- It took Obama months to be ready for the debates, it'll take him years to learn the job
- No song and dance, plain and simple vote Hillary
- Buying horses, go for the dog and pony show, otherwise vote Hillary
- Like you I am a working stiff

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Submitted by amberglow on

from Smirking Chimp--

* Hillary Clinton: Battle-tested
* I have scars because I've been in the fight
* We've got a fight on our hands and I'm the fighter you need in your corner
* Actions speak louder than words (she has briefly used this one)
* I've been taking the fight to the bad guys for the last 35 years
* I have hope born of experience, a hope we can achieve

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Submitted by MJS on

1. Fuck you and the Unity Pony you rode in on.

2. It's okay to be retarded, just get help when you vote.

3. Torture John McCain: Vote 4 Hillary!

4. Momma's Got a Brand New Bag

5. Only a pussy would refuse to vote for a woman

6. Thirty Years of Conservative Bullshit Must End!


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Submitted by janittdott on

I found a guy at myspace who's screen name is

Keep you change
I want Hillary's Bill