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Sliding towards Ft Sumter

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I always find such posts darkly hilarious. They assume that it will be pacifist lefties knocking down their doors to pry guns from their cold dead hands when, in fact, it is usually the very militarized police that they like to idolize. It is always difficult for me to understand the gun fetishist mindset. They are virtually always proponents of the very fascist state that is most likely to make their dreams come true, and then when their dreams do come true (Ruby Ridge, for example) they then blame the very people that they supported and armed as being out of control, like those who advocated against the militarized police in the first place.

They don't make sense within their own realities.

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I take your point, but it is only a question of time before some of these right wing nuts begin to act on these delusions.

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My son is connected to a woman whose parents are like this, and I thought he was joking. But no, this is a thing in the world