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Sleazoid frackers hire psyops mercs to counter local opposition

[no-glossary](Sorry for the redundancy on "sleazoid fracker.") Business Insider:

[Last week's oil industry conference in Houston was] filled with industry insiders all facing the same challenges and concerns, speakers lectured openly on how they handled the American public in communities where they drilled.

There, recording it all, was environmental activist Sharon Wilson, director of the Oil & Gas Accountability Project.

In the following recording, given to CNBC, one presenter tells the crowd to download a copy of the Army's counterinsurgency manual. "Because," he said, the movement opposing the industry is an "insurgency."

In this next recording (also given to CNBC) the speaker tells listeners that his organization maintains several military veterans who served as psychological warfare specialists. These former "psy ops" soldiers, he explains, are using their skills in Pennsylvania.

Wilson paid full price for attendance to the conference and wore a nametag identifying herself and her organization.

This is actually very good news. We know the enemy. But they don't know us. And last I checked, the Iraq and Afghanistan adventures weren't exactly triumphs for counter-insurgency.

Hey! I know what to do! Throw a rock through a Whole Foods window!

NOTE Via Cannonfire.[/no-glossary]

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