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Slaughtering Syrians/Ukrainians-Part of US Military Doctrine

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky maintains that Neo-Nazi mobs in Odessa were supported by the illegitimate Kiev regime, along with mentoring US/NATO military strategists, in a “terrorist operation” which aimed at killing innocent civilians.

Chossudovsky declares:

There was nothing spontaneous or accidental in this diabolical and criminal undertaking which consisted in the mass murder of federalist activists inside the House of Trade Unions. The building was set on fire quite deliberately as part of a carefully planned paramilitary operation.

Chossudovsky stresses the importance of analyzing the murders in Odessa in the context of “US military doctrine.” He writes:

“Massive casualty producing events” resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians are part of a US military modus operandi applied extensively in Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Central Africa.


From the Soviet-Afghan war (1979-1989) to Syria and Libya, jihadist rebels and Mujahideen involved in countless civil wars are supported by the CIA, financed and trained by the US and its allies. The objective is to destabilize sovereign countries.

In Syria, the opposition Al Qaeda affiliated terror organizations are funded by the Western military alliance.

The atrocities committed by Al Nusrah mercenaries (trained in Saudi Arabia and Qatar on behalf of US-NATO) are casually blamed on the government of Bashar Al Assad.

More generally, supported by media disinformation, the deaths of civilians resulting from US sponsored terror operations and “false flags” will invariably be blamed on the victims. Ukraine is no exception.


While Al Nusrah militants are portrayed as “freedom fighters” against the “despotic secular government of Bashar Al Assad”, Right sector Neo-Nazis in Ukraine are portrayed by the Western media as “True Patriots”.

Chossudovsky points out how easily Republican Senator McCain “mingles” with Al Qaeda leaders in Syria as well as leaders of Svoboda, the Neo-Nazi party, in Ukraine. McCain professes support for “real democracy” while he is giving political cover to real terrorists.

The western media are helping the Kiev government and our own by keeping the detailed truth of the Odessa slaughter last Friday ambiguous.

Local Kiev government protesters ended up barricading themselves in the Trades Union Building to escape a violent mob that had torched their tent camp. Right Sector thugs then threw Molotov cocktails at the building catching it on fire. Dozens were trapped inside the building and burned to death or got killed from falling out of upper windows. Any who managed to escape the burning building were clubbed by awaiting goons. Any survivors of these horrors were arrested, not the real criminals.

Chossudovsky writes:

The Neo-Nazi mobs had been trained and indoctrinated. Western special forces and mercenaries on contract to NATO and the Pentagon were involved in the training of the Right Sector paramilitary. In turn, the National Guard civilian militia created in mid-March is financed by Washington.

The Right Sector Brown shirts had received prior paramilitary training in Poland in September 2013 ahead of the EuroMaidan riots.


The Neo-Nazi mobs in Odessa bear the hallmarks of  US sponsored terrorism (e.g Syria). The Right Sector terrorists are trained to commit atrocities against civilians. Confirmed by Germany’s Bild: “Dozens of specialists from the US Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation are advising the Ukrainian government. Citing unnamed German security sources, Bild am Sonntag said the CIA and FBI agents were helping Kiev end the rebellion in the east of Ukraine and set up a functioning security structure.”

Alex Lantier in “Washington and the Ukrainian Puppet Regime Prepare New Fascist Slaughter in Odessa” writes:

Meanwhile, reports emerging in Ukrainian and Russian media raise serious charges that the Odessa massacre on Friday was a coldly planned act of state murder, far deadlier than initially reported. Odessa Regional Council deputy Vadim Savenko alleged that 116 people, not 42 as initially claimed, were killed in the massacre. These charges were echoed by former Ukrainian presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev, who told Vzglyad: “According to our data, over a hundred died in the Trade Union House. The police would not let anyone in, so as to hide the number of dead.”

The Kiev regime’s attempts to explain the fascists’ torching of Odessa’s Trade Union House—claiming that they were provoked by pro-Russian protesters, who shot at pro-Kiev Right Sector protesters before the latter attacked and burned the Trade Union House—also have come under scrutiny.

Videos posted online by the pro-Kiev protesters showed gunmen wearing red armbands shooting at the pro-Kiev protesters from positions controlled by Ukrainian riot police. This strongly suggests that the shooting on the pro-Kiev forces was a provocation organized by the Kiev regime, not by the pro-Russian protesters.

The riot police did not side with the pro-Russian protesters in Odessa, but with Kiev. They arrested none of the pro-Kiev thugs for assaulting the Trade Union House, and arrested many pro-Russian demonstrators instead. No local police were arrested for aiding the pro-Russian forces, however.

The forces that shot at the pro-Kiev demonstration appear to have been working with police as allies of Kiev, seeking to provoke a bloody confrontation. There are also charges that many of the dead in the Trade Union House were not killed by a rampaging fire unleashed by the fascists’ throwing of Molotov cocktails, as initially claimed, but were murdered by Right Sector fighters and hooligans who broke into the building and carried out a massacre.

Graphic and disturbing photos taken inside the Trade Union Hall after the massacre and published in Russian media appear to show that, while some of the victims burned to death, others did not. One pregnant woman was found dead, apparently strangled, with her clothes intact in a room showing no fire or smoke damage. Another man appears to have been shot several times in the head. Several victims have gruesome burns but, grotesquely, only to their head and upper body—as if they were first killed and then parts of their bodies doused with gasoline and set alight. One woman appears to have been raped and then her upper body set on fire.

The US and NATO have sponsored and installed an “unelected and unpopular” regime in Ukraine through a coup spearheaded by violent fascists. The military operations of the Kiev regime and in the shallow and sinister shadows US and NATO special operations consultants and mercenaries are deadly and increasingly expanding. According to Lantier, the object of the government enabled mob attacks is to crush anti-Kiev government resistance at the risk of full out civil war or even a global one.

Chossudovsky sees the violence against Syrian citizens and Ukrainian citizens as part of the same modus operandi of US amoral foreign policy. He writes:

More generally, supported by media disinformation, the deaths of civilians resulting from US sponsored terror operations and “false flags” will invariably be blamed on the victims. Ukraine is no exception.

Chossudovsky sees Al Nusrah in Syria as paralleling Right Sector in Ukraine. He asserts: “They are the foot soldiers of the Western military alliance.” Al Nusrah he explains is trained in Qatar and Saudi Arabia while the Right Sector is trained in Poland. In both Ukraine and Syria he stresses there are special forces of the West “overseeing terrorist operations.” When deliberate civilian deaths occur, they are blamed on the victims or in the case of Syria on Assad’s army and in Ukraine on Putin's military network. He writes:

Killing civilians is a means to create social divisiveness, thereby curtailing the development of a mass movement against US-NATO.


The paramiliarty agenda was to wreak havoc and enforce a process of regime change.

Chossudovsky reveals there is a history of US support to the two Neo-Nazi parties of the Ukraine. The CIA has been supporting them since the Cold War era. The intent, of course, was to destabilize the Soviet Union.

As one army intelligence officer noted sardonically, one wing of the CIA was hunting Ukrainian Nazis to bring them to trial at Nuremberg, while another wing was recruiting them.

In an article in Oriental Review entitled “Ukraine: Massacre in Odessa – So-Called Pro-Russian Masked Gunmen Coordinated by Local Police”:

The Khatyn massacre in Odessa has created a new reality, in which Ukrainian citizens, whose only goal is to defend their language, way of life, and values, stand in opposition to the neo-Nazi junta in their own capital of Kiev. Unlike the Donbass, where there is an armed militia, the protests in Odessa were entirely peaceful. But the Rubicon was crossed in Odessa on May 2. The taboo against the killing of peaceful civilians by armed militants no longer exists.

It is no coincidence that a few hours after the tragedy in Odessa, the National Guard began ruthlessly shooting the residents of Kramatorsk who were attempting to block armored vehicles by standing in their path. It’s possible that many of them did not even know what had happened in Odessa where their fellow Ukrainian citizens had been set ablaze right in front of the indifferent police forces while the neo-Nazis shouted, “Burn, Russians!” and “Death to the damn Russians!” and that those who escaped the fire were finished off with axes and clubs, all to the tune of the Ukrainian national anthem – a song that will now always be associated with the Khatyn in Odessa.

This article maintains that a special task force sponsored by Ukraine multi-billionaire Ihor Kolomoysky (yes, the oligarchs have private armies now) was brought into the city in “civilian garb” to aid the “14th company of Euromaidan Self-Defense Force” from Kiev in brutalizing the protesters.

Finally, it releases the latest death and injury tolls and news of an additional sinister type of violence against the protesters:

As a result, during the clashes and the fire at the House of Trade Unions, 46 people were (officially) killed and over 200 were injured and crippled, more than 20 are in critical condition. Eight people died after leaping from the upper floors of the building. There are latest reports that the thugs used a toxic gas to neutralize people inside the building.

Tony Cartalucci in “Spinning the Odessa Massacre” adds more insight to covert anti-humanitarian military and propaganda operations:

In the coming days and weeks, Right Sector and Svoboda’s militant street front will continue coordinating with Kiev’s more heavily armed security forces in an attempt to consolidate its power across much of Ukraine. Already, the unelected government has declared its intention to deploy “special forces” to Odessa to rectify what it calls an “outrageous failure” to stop anti-regime protesters. This indicates that the “failure” was not the loss of life during clashes, but the failure to crush anti-regime sentiment across Odessa.

The regime and its Western sponsors will attempt to cover up, spin, and otherwise disassociate themselves from the inevitable atrocities that will be carried out as they attempt to do so. Portraying Neo-Nazi militants as “football hooligans” that are spontaneously taking to the streets and “coincidentally” helping Kiev eliminate its political opponents appears to be the narrative of choice and will almost certainly lead to both more incidents like the massacre in Odessa, and a greater backlash against the unpopular, struggling regime in Kiev.

Peter Schwarz in “The German Media and the Massacre in Odessa” writes more of “murderous and fascist gangs” mobile and useful to the illegitimate new Kiev regime and it amoral imperial cohorts:

According to reports of local activists, members of these militias travelled to Odessa last Friday under the cover of a soccer game between Odessa and Kharkov. They mingled with the football fans and marched through the city undisturbed by the police. It was here that the first bloody clashes occurred between about 1,000 armed fascists and 250 opponents who stood in their way.


The German media are deliberately hiding these facts from the public.

Alex Lantier, aforementioned, puts the special operations of terrorism into context:

The Kiev regime faces immense pressure from Washington and the European imperialist powers, from the banks and from its own fascist supporters to retain control of Odessa at all costs. “The possible loss of Odessa in the southwest and parts of eastern Ukraine could be catastrophic for the new government, leaving the country landlocked, cut off entirely from the Black Sea,” the Montreal Gazette noted yesterday.

The Washington, DC-based International Monetary Fund has threatened to withhold and renegotiate billion-dollar loans to Kiev, which faces bankruptcy, if it loses control of south and east Ukraine.

Above all, Washington and its European imperialist allies are pressing their puppet regime in Kiev to crush internal opposition. At a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday, as the fascist massacre in Odessa proceeded, US President Barack Obama said: “The Ukrainian government has the right and the responsibility to uphold law and order within its territory.” Obama sickeningly praised Kiev for what he called its “self-restraint.”

The Odessa massacre also exposes the reactionary role of the US media, in particular, their dismissals of the significance of US support for fascist forces such as Right Sector and the Svoboda Party, which has several top ministers in the Kiev government.

So there you are. Civilians just pawns on an amoral, full spectrum dominance, SHOCK AND AWE, DISASTER CAPITALISM geo-political chessboard in which the West and NATO pols, their oligarch cronies and pragmatically murderous military cohorts win and everyone else loses -- BIG TIME. Terrorism is the name of the game, a war OF not ON terror.

So much collateral damage a/k/a human life willingly sacrificed by inhuman war and power addicts. Part of the patriarchal paradigm of lethal competition, greed and ambition.

Here a bugsplat, there a bugsplat.

Here an atrocity, there a genocide.

Here a waterboarding, there a civil war.

Here a lie, there a lie.

Everywhere a LIE, LIE, LIE!!!

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